MMA Betting Strategies

The odds of any given fight are influenced by a number of factors, including the fighters’ strength and weaknesses, and the overall betting action on the event. However, some tried and tested strategies can help you increase your chances of making a profit when placing MMA wagers.

The first thing that every bettor should do is familiarize themselves with the fighters that they are planning to bet on. This includes not only knowing their names, but also understanding their fighting styles and strengths. This will allow you to spot the potential winning wagers and avoid making bets on underdogs that don’t have much chance of success.

Another strategy to consider when betting on MMA is to place moneyline bets. Unlike other types of bets, a moneyline bet doesn’t involve choosing a winner – instead it simply gives you the odds on whether or not a particular fighter will win a specific fight. This bet type is available at most online sportsbooks and can often be found in the MMA betting section.

In addition to moneyline bets, MMA fans can also place a variety of other types of bets including over/under bets and Method of Victory bets. Over/Under bets are simple wagers on how many rounds a fight will last, with the oddsmakers setting a round total and a price for both the Over and Under. Depending on the fighting style and how many rounds are scheduled for a particular bout, over/under bets can be quite lucrative.

Method of victory bets are similar to Over/Under bets, but they are based on the fighter’s style and what kind of finish they are likely to get. For example, a fighter with a good ground game can be expected to win by submission or a KO, while a fighter with a good striking arsenal is likely to win by a KO or TKO. Similarly, a fighter that is coming off a knockout loss may be less likely to win by submission, as they will be cautious and may not want to risk injury.

Many of the same MMA betting markets are available for live bets during the fight, with the odds changing dynamically based on the action in the cage. In addition to moneyline and method of victory bets, MMA fans can also bet on the decision type that will be rendered by the judges – either unanimous (all three judges choose the same fighter), split (two judges favor one fighter and the third scores it a draw) or majority.

If you’re planning to bet on a few MMA matches, you can also place an MMA parlay bet, which allows you to combine several different MMA betting bets into a single wager. To place a MMA parlay, you must first register with a trusted online sportsbook and then deposit money into your account. Once your account is funded, you can head to the MMA betting page and locate a fight that you’d like to bet on. From there, you can make selections and place your bets by clicking the “Place Bet” button.