How Does Live Casino Work?

live casino

Live casino has taken the online gambling industry by storm and it’s not hard to see why. It offers all the convenience of playing casino games online but with a real person dealing the cards and overseeing the game. In addition, you can interact with other players and the dealer when you play a live casino game. This makes it more fun and exciting to play and is a big reason why many people are turning to this type of gaming to experience the thrills of the traditional casino floor.

The best way to understand how live casino works is to take a look at the technology behind it. Live casinos use a combination of real cards and chips, plus software to process bets, and a camera to stream the action live to your computer or mobile device. The croupier uses a special screen to manage the game and you can chat with other players as well, which adds a social element to the game that isn’t possible when you play online versions of the same games.

When you play a live casino game, the croupier will deal each player a hand of cards or roll the dice. Each time this happens, the results will determine how much money each player wins. Then, the croupier will collect the chips from each player and announce the winnings. These results are recorded by the croupier’s monitor so that they can be shared with the players on the screen.

Another important part of a live casino is the GCU, which is an essential component that every table has. This is a small device that is no bigger than a shoebox and it’s responsible for encoding the video that’s broadcast. Without this piece of equipment, no live casino would be able to function.

In addition to the GCU, there are a number of other important components in a live casino that make the entire process as authentic as possible. One of these is the OCR software, which is a lot more widely used in areas like medical or insurance processing but is also an established part of live casino technology. This is because OCR software is able to track symbols on the cards or numbers on the roulette wheel and convert them into data that can be processed and announced.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of online casino gaming or a veteran, it’s likely that you have a favourite type of game. The good news is that there are now live casino games available on all platforms, from dedicated apps to mobile instant play websites. This means that you can enjoy your favourite games no matter what device you’re using, and you’ll get the same great experience on all of them. Just remember to check out the bonuses and other promotions before making your choice of casino! And don’t forget to have fun and gamble responsibly!